‘Mommy Gen’ passes

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Prominent businesswoman and one of the co-owners of Kennedy’s Liquor World, Pauline “Mommy Gen” Francis has died.

Her son, Dion Francis confirmed that his 71-year-old mother passed away at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) on Monday, after battling stage four neuroendocrine cancer.

“She’s stronger than any other woman in the world, maybe. She had it for many years, but by the time she was diagnosed she was already at stage four. The reason we found out is because she started asking the same questions over and over and we felt she had a little early dementia,” he told OBSERVER media.

The family took the matriarch to a doctor who initially determined that she was “okay”, but tests later determined that she was terminally ill. After the diagnosis in August 2015, she was told she had up to nine months to live.

Dion said his mother, who had nine children, was a God-fearing woman and was extremely kind.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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