Mom caught with gun gets help to pay fine

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Relatives on Monday afternoon pooled resources to come up with the $8,000 that was payable forthwith out of a $14,000 fine imposed on Saida Joseph, so that she would not go to jail for unlawful gun possession.

The young woman, who pleaded guilty to having the gun without a licence, now has a balance of $6,000 to pay, and this must be paid in instalments of $1,000 for each month until September.

If the 29-year-old mother of four misses any payment, she would be jailed for 14 months.

Last week, the police told the court they found the .22 Winchester Magnum rifle wrapped in a sheet in the woman’s closet, in her bedroom.

She had said she did not know what was in the sheet, but that someone had asked her to keep it and she willingly did so.

The Bendals woman had been jointly accused with her 60-year-old father, George Joseph, and 31-year-old brother, Kelsey Joseph.

But after she pleaded guilty, the charge was withdrawn against her relatives. It was those same relatives and several others who helped her raise the monies to pay the fine on Monday afternoon.

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