MoE makes provisions for 5th formers to return to school next week

The Antigua Girls Highschool
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The Director of Education, Clare Browne, has announced the provisions being implemented in secondary schools ahead of their scheduled reopening on Monday.

Provisions include:

  1. Cleaning of school plants
  2. Ensuring adequate water supply
  3. Inspection by health officials
  4. Installing extra hand washing stations.

He added that the first few days will be for teachers to prepare for the return of 5th form students to prepare for CXC exams slated for July 2020.

Other forms will continue to utilise e-learning platforms.

While citing the importance of best practices, the director stressed that social distancing guidelines will apply.

Students will be completing SBAs and preparing for CXC examinations which will mainly take the form of multiple choice questions.

The school year officially ends on July 26 while the 2020/2021 academic year begins August 31 2020.

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