Mission Completed

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Health officials are indicating that 356 cataracts surgeries were conducted by the group of Chinese doctors under the Bright Journey Project.
The Chinese delegation left the island last week.
According to a statement posted on the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre’s website, many patients are elated after receiving the gift of clearer vision.
Jadia Grayman, the youngest patient, was also quoted as saying that fuzzy vision made it difficult for her to play the sports she loved. The 15-year-old said that after completing surgery she is elated that she can return to being an active teenager.
Before departing Antigua, the Chinese medical team donated machines, surgical equipment, lenses and supplies as well as other items to hospital.
Meanwhile, the Chinese Military Hospital Vessel “Peace Ark” is set to arrive in Antigua on October 22. Medical doctors on board the vessel will perform more than 350 operations over a two-week period. Residents interested in having specific surgeries are asked to register at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre. The operations will be at no cost to the patients.

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