Missing supermarket worker found

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By Carlena Knight

[email protected]

The missing Chinese national who worked at the XPZ Supermarket – which was destroyed by fire last week – has been found.

At press time yesterday he was said to be at the Police Headquarters assisting investigators with the probe into last Tuesday’s blaze.

Video circulating of the moment that Chinese Tianzhao “Alex” Feng was found by police in Lower Gambles.

Police had been looking into the disappearance of 29-year-old Tianzhao Feng, more popularly known as “Alex”, of Sir Sydney Walling Highway.

Feng was last seen at about 11pm on Monday May 31 at his residence on the same property as the XPZ Supermarket.

Just a few hours after he was last seen, the store burnt down in what fire officials have reported as “very suspicious” circumstances.

Law enforcement officials had made several attempts to contact Feng and conducted a number of searches. Yesterday news broke that he had been found in Lower Gambles.

A statement issued by police last night confirmed Feng had been found on Monday in the St John’s area.

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