Missing man found after four days

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By Tameika Malone
[email protected]
Four days after going missing from his brother’s home in Bathlodge, Shaquan Fenton King of Point was found and taken to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre for a wellness check.
Janet Fenton said her 20-year-old son who is suffering from temporary memory loss was found in a wooded area on the same property of his older brother’s home hiding.
Fenton said she believes the youth has not had a meal since Saturday since after he stormed out the Bathlodge home.
“What a relief! Thank God it is not worse. I was so worried. I am grateful to my siblings; my brother was the one who spotted him, he was laying down and when my brother went closer he moved. But he is ok, he is strong, he is sitting up, but he is afraid of the needle; he doesn’t want to check his blood sugar,” Fenton told OBSERVER media.
The mother said she had prepared a meal for Fenton King on Saturday, but he refused to eat.
“I made a plate for him, but he didn’t eat; he left. I called out to him on Saturday and he didn’t answer and then on Monday I called him, but he seemed to have been hiding,” she added.
Fenton King has been staying with his older brother following the passage of a hurricane that damaged Fenton’s roof. The mother said she had been working to fix the house when her son went missing.
An ambulance transported Fenton King to the hospital.

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