Missing for 14 years

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FOURTEEN years after Agustos Forrester went missing, his sister Romesha Forrester still has hope that he will be found.
According to Forrester, her brother went missing when he was “only” eight years old. At that time, she was six.
Forrester, now 20, recalled that she was not at home the Sunday he went missing, but said that she was told by her mother that she had sent him to get dressed because he needed to go to the shop for a man. This man, she said, was not familiar to her. She said her mother told her that after Agustos went into their house in Shrewsbury, Portland, he never came back out.
Today, she questions that story and disclosed that her brother was “special” so he would more than likely do as he was told without out fussing.
“I’m not even sure if I would recognise him if I saw him right now but I would really want to see him,” she shared with the Jamaica Observer North East last week in Port Antonio square.
“I knew that something wasn’t right but she [mother] didn’t sit me down and say ‘look, this is the situation’. She never fully explained what happened to him,” she added.
Forrester said a missing person’s report was never filed although it was widely known that he was missing. Since then, she said people from the community have mentioned seeing him but have not stated where in the parish.
“I have hope that he is alive. He was the closest to me,” Forrester said, adding that she could not piece together a theory about how or why her older brother went missing.
She said except for the year after, Agustos, who was also known as ‘wiseman’, went missing, her mother has never spoken about him again. Forrester said the only mention her father made of him was when he suggested that her mother had not told her the full story. She said he was an absentee in both their lives.
“I am desperately trying to find him. He was the closest to me; he’s my brother,” she repeated as she struggled to hold back tears now welded in her eyes.
The woman, who is training to join the Jamaica Constabulary Force, said she will not give up on finding her brother. She dismissed the idea that he could be dead and vowed to expand her search.
“It would mean a lot to me to find him. I need to find him,” she stressed.

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