Miss Antigua Carnival appeals for financial support

Reigning Queen of Carnival, Raynell Carroll.

Reigning Queen of Carnival, Raynell Carroll, said she is in need of financial support if she is to perform to the best of her ability.

As she prepares to head to St Vincent for the prestigious Miss Carival pageant on July 4, she stresses the importance foreign judges place on how well contestants can represent their countries as ambassadors.

“I go with the name Antigua & Barbuda. I am not called Raynell when I step off that plane. I feel honoured being called Miss Antigua & Barbuda, but I have to go with the best, and the only way I can be the best is by getting the financial support,” she said.

“Unfortunately I have to say that everything for this show came out of our pockets.”

Carroll said plane tickets are always provided for the girls, but there are many other expenses, and the chaperones have to take care of themselves.

“I hope that in the future there will be more support for the girls, because although the ticket is provided, there’s much more to be done. We want to go with our best, the best dress, the best swimwear, and this money comes out of our pockets,” she said.

She also said she believes there is not much being done to assist them.

“I still beckon the people out there; please, you can come on board still because we have quite a few (things) that we still have to pay for.”

The Carnival Queen said she has been training for three months for Miss Carival, and she feels “really prepared”.

“A regional competition is totally different,” she said, but she ensured, “I feel really good actually, I feel like I can do this, because I know what I’ve been trained to do and I just need to go out there and do it the night… We’re ready to take Antigua to St Vincent and come back with that crown.”

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