Miscommunication misleads National Coalition of Farmers

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The former coordinator of the National Coalition of Farmers (NCF) admitted that she did receive the proposal for the agricultural project to be undertaken by the government and a Chinese company, which Minister of Agriculture Dean Jonas promised to provide to the NCF.
In an exclusive interview with OBSERVER media yesterday, Pamella Thomas also admitted that she did not share the document with other members of the NCF, and that she failed to inform the interim executive that the minister had sent the proposal to her.
In recent days the new coordinator for the Coalition, Fitzmorgan Greenaway, accused the minister of sidelining the body and said that the controversial agreement was never delivered to them, but was instead circulated on social media. But, Thomas said that she “assumed” that the contract was also sent to all the representatives of the NCF and so she did not contact Greenaway.
“Only when I went back on my phone to check, I realised that the minister sent it to me only and not to the entire group,” she said.
She pointed out that a further miscommunication occurred in that the minister “apparently” had not been informed that Greenaway was now the acting coordinator. “It was just miscommunication all around,” she said. “I was the initial coordinator and he, at that time perhaps not receiving the information that there has been a change, went and sent it to me.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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