Ministry rules in students’ ‘sex video’ matter

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The students involved in a video recording of sexual activity at a secondary school, that was posted on social media, last month, have been disciplined by the Ministry of Education.
Although the video recording had shown two students dressed in their school uniforms kissing for an extensive period and engaging in seemingly more intimate sexual acts, those who recorded the video and the others who looked on were also deemed as accomplices and were also punished.
On Tuesday, the Director of Education Clare Browne met with parents, students, the principal and teachers of the All Saints Secondary School, in what he described as a tense atmosphere.
He said after listening to each of the youngsters, the ministry decided that they would be subjected to mandatory counselling and undergo community service for 75 hours during the first half of their summer vacation.
“The counselling will be provided by the Ministry of Education. All five of them will be involved,” Browne said. “The boy, the young lady on the film and those making, uploading the video and encouraging the act.
“It is not to bash the students but to help them to walk along a more productive path and make better choices,” the director of education pointed out.
Browne said the Ministry of Education is also partnering with various establishments to ensure that the students fulfill their duties.
“Someone will be identified within that establishment to be the students’ mentor to help them along the way,” he said.
The Ministry of Education is taking the matter a little further and has decided to engage schools on the island to examine the management practices that exist to ensure greater supervision of students.
Browne said that there appears to be little management when teachers are preparing records and the school term is coming to an end.
“We need to do a little better in ensuring students are supervised properly. I am not suggesting thats it’s a free for all; what I am saying is that we have to ensure greater supervision for our students.”
While the director of education did not reveal what measures will be put in place, he said the government intends to tighten the supervision at all schools on the island.

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