Ministry of Education outlines new date for face-to-face learning to return

Primary schools will remain closed for the time being
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By Carlena Knight

October 18 2021, is the new date that all public schools will return to face-to-face instruction for vaccinated students only.

The Ministry of Education made the announcement in a September 30 policy document clarifying the changes, after it was announced in Cabinet last week, that all primary schools will continue classes online while teachers and students at the secondary level, who have received at least one dose of a Covid shot, should return to face-to-face learning commencing Monday October 4.

Pre-schools and daycares will also remain open for in-person instruction once all staff members are fully vaccinated.

The document is now however noting that for the period October 4 to 15 public schools, both primary and secondary, will continue to engage students remotely and teachers will have to report to work unless they are given special permission by their principals to work from home.

Private schools seeking to hold physical classes under tier 2 will be required to submit a written request to the Director of Education for vaccinated students only, once they meet specific requirements.       

The requirements stipulate that all staff, both teaching and auxiliary, must be vaccinated and that provisions must be made to offer remote teaching to the unvaccinated students at home.

OBSERVER understands that the ministry is currently reviewing an application that was already submitted.

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