Minister suggests calypso competition could be staged during Independence

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By Carlena Knight

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic having triggered the cancellation of the Carnival 2020 celebrations, including the popular the Calypso Monarch competition, all may not be lost for calypsonians as they may get an opportunity to showcase their talents .

In fact, the minister responsible for National Festivals, Culture and the Arts, Daryll Matthew hinted at the possibility of hosting a Calypso Monarch competition during the Independence celebrations.

“We believe that calypso is a little bit more interactive. There are a lot more props on stage where the calypsonians are concerned and so the decision was taken that should the opportunity present itself during Independence where we will be able to be on stage and have actual performances, we will seek to have an in person Calypso competition during our Independence celebration. That, of course, is dependent on where things are with the Covid crisis, but our calypsonians have not been left out. We recognize that they are one of the stalwarts of Carnival, expression and social commentary and so on and so we will find a way to integrate them,” Matthew said.

“Perhaps during Independence we still may have to celebrate virtually; we may just have to bite the bullet and have a calypso competition virtually, but we are not at that stage yet. We will just watch it and play it by ear.”

This news follows the successful hosting of the first ever Virtual Soca Monarch competition on Saturday night where the Blade walked away with top honours.

Ricardo Drue finished second, and Set On, third.

Eleven artistes competed in the historic event.

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