Minister seeks meeting with protesting YASCO group

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Minister of Sports EP Chet Greene has publicly invited members of the YASCO protesting group, concerned parents and coaches, to meet with him at their leisure to discuss both the plans for the YASCO Sports Complex and the ongoing “protest” over the condition of what is the country’s sole track & field facility.

The minister, reminding that he had invited the group to attend his presentation on YASCO during the Budget debate last week, maintained that their protest actions are insincere.

“I did invite them last week when I spoke in the Parliament to meet with me because, until now, I am only hearing of this parents and coaches association or body protesting the condition of YASCO. There have been no discussions with me at the level of government. I don’t know if they have gone to speak with the prime minister because some people opted to do that,” he said.

“I want it to be very plainly stated that the actions are very disingenuous because between January when the governor general made his declaration in the Throne Speech and when they started protest actions, it’s unreasonable to expect that anything would have happened or that YASCO would have been done as a facility upgraded. I still remain open to meet with the parents and the coaches to discuss whatever issues they may wish to discuss including their protest actions,” he added. 

The group, apart from soliciting donations from passersby on Saturdays outside the Old Parham Road facility, staged a sit-in last Thursday with athletes and coaches refusing to utilise the complex on that day.

Greene renewed his government’s commitment to the refurbishing of YASCO, stating that it will however come in stages.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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