Minister says peddlers supplying mental patients with illegal drugs

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The porous perimeter fence at the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital is reportedly making it easy for drug peddlers to supply controlled substances to patients.
Molwyn Joseph, the minister of health, said that the practice has been observed for some time and the wire-linked fence will have to be removed.
“We are going to have to build a fence that can create a barrier between the rest of the community and the patients in Clarevue, because one of the issues, frankly, we face is that people with psychiatric problems are people who are using drugs,” Joseph said.
Speaking at a news conference at the Ministry of Health, the minister said that the perimeter of the facility, which is sitting on approximately “eight to 10 acres of land,” needs to be secured with material that would alleviate the problem.
Joan Carrott, permanent secretary of health noted that galvanise would not be ideal for the fence since they can become missiles during a storm or hurricane.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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