Minister Says Idle Workers Will Not Be Tolerated

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By Carlena Knight

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda, more so the Ministry of Sports, has taken a no tolerance approach to those coaches in the various sporting disciplines who are not functioning correctly.

This was revealed by the Minister of Sports, Daryll Matthew who was a guest on the Good Morning JoJo Sports Show on Thursday morning.

When the issue first came to light some weeks ago, it was reported that a meeting was held with the relevant individuals.

Matthew is now saying that drastic action may be taken if the idle behaviour is continued.

“This is what it is; if you don’t want the job then it’s fine, we are okay with that. The Prime Minister [Gaston Browne] has made it clear several months ago in a meeting with the permanent secretaries if persons are not working, then send a letter to Treasury and stop their pay.

“We cannot continue as a government to take blows where persons might be getting paid a day late and you have persons who are getting government resources, government funds and not delivering. If that were a politician doing that then you would have persons calling for an inquiry.”

MP Matthew has called on the coaches to do their part and assured the public that the matter is being addressed internally.

“Rest assured, it is not a matter that is being swept under the carpet. It is being addressed and I have already advised my Permanent Secretary, well, starting at the coordinator level. If you have a problem with the coaches, you can’t get them to work then kick it upstairs to the Director [of Sports]. If the Director can’t get any action, kick it upstairs to the Permanent Secretary and if she can’t get any action then kick it up to me and I will deal with it at that level. If I need it to take it to Cabinet to have some recommendations approved, I am prepared to do that but no longer can we just sit back and allow persons to brazenly say that they are not working because of this, but they take home a cheque every month, I don’t care who you are.”

 “Let’s all be accountable for the work that we are expected to do and the work that we are expecting pay for,” Minister Matthew said.

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