Minister promises fire code in two months

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Discussions for enacting a fire code in Antigua and Barbuda are set for today between fire officials and the country’s public safety minister, as the latter aims to have a code in place very soon.

The fire code would regulate some aspects of construction to ensure buildings are equipped with sprinkler protection and/or fire alarm systems, and have adequate exit points among other things.

The minister, Steadroy Benjamin, who is also the attorney general, said he has scheduled a meeting with fire chief Elvis Weaver and other personnel to continue talks about the code.

“I think that that is very essential for this country, especially at a time when we are doing some rebuilding and it is necessary that safety and security be matters of great of concern. I’m going to, not later than the end of March, enact the Fire Code for Antigua and Barbuda,” he said.

The minister said, after that meeting, there would be more talks and his legislative drafting team will be included.

Benjamin’s pledge to push for the fire code came yesterday after Weaver reiterated his call for one over the weekend.

The fire department has been asking for a code to be developed for more than a decade, as the officers continue to be concerned

about the lack of fire escapes and alarms in public places, including supermarkets, nightclubs and other buildings.

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