Minister of Creative Industries shares plans for Independence, Christmas celebrations

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By Shermain Bique-Charles

[email protected]

Celebrations may be officially over for Carnival revellers but not necessarily for the Ministry of Creative Industries and Innovation, which is already planning events that will highlight the arts and local creatives later this year.

Minister of Creative Industries and Innovation, Michael Browne, said a number of the events which did not take place this carnival will be a part of this year’s Independence line-up which is observed on November 1st.

“There were quite a number of events and activities that did not take place during carnival that normally take place during carnival. Those are on the table for Independence. We plan on opening Independence with a huge gospel concert that we are looking at,” he said.

He added that October has also been designated Music Month and local instruments such as the steelband, piano and guitar will be on display during that month.

“There are going to be quite a number of concerts and some are going to be in traditional venues … there will be quite a number of musical expressions,” Browne said,

The opening of the fashion and theatre season is also coming on stream, according to the Creative Arts minister, in addition to the return of the national Christmas lighting competition.

“We are going to have a number of Christmas events primarily focused on music, culture and the performing arts. We will also look at theatric arts,” he added.

These events, Browne said, will highlight and celebrate the “creative juices” of “our people and our culture”.

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