Minister denies rape allegation, but PM maintains he will have to resign if charged

Gaston Browne, PM of Antigua and Barbuda
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The Cabinet minister accused of raping a young woman will have no choice but to resign if he is charged by police.
Prime Minister Gaston Browne reaffirmed his position earlier today, while revealing that the minister is denying the allegations.

“I held private discussions with the minister, I also spoke to him yesterday in the presence of his colleagues and the minister understands very clearly that on the basis that the allegations are serious and they bring charges against him, he has to resign in accordance with the code of conduct and ethics of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. The minister maintains his innocence,” Browne said. 

Browne also explained that the situation should not be compared to the removal of St Peter MP Asot Michael from the Cabinet, who was asked to resign amid allegations that he demanded money from British investor Peter Virdee.

Browne said while many may consider his action against Michael harsh, it was justified.

“I have information that the average person in the public does not have and I am satisfied based on the tape and the transcript of the tape about certain discussions the minister would have had with a particular investor that there would have been more than sufficient justification to ask that minister to resign and there is sufficient cause to ensure that that minister never serves in any government that i may lead,” the PM stated. 

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