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Minister Assures Sir Viv Pitch Protected

Minister of Sports Daryll Matthew has sought to allay public concerns over the preservation of both the pitch and the outfield at the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Grounds ahead of today’s Play It Out concert.

Matthew, while speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, said all efforts are being made to ensure there is no damage to the pitch during the well-publicized event.

“This was scheduled long before the rain started coming but it is something we are going to be looking to ensure that the integrity of the field is maintained. The pitches themselves are going to be covered, it is cordoned off now but they are going to be covered as well so we are looking to protect the pitches,” he said.

Callers to the sports show expressed concerns over the erection of the stage on the field, suggesting that there could be significant damage to the pitch due to the current and forecast rainy conditions.

Matthew, however, urged all to come out and enjoy the concert organized to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution. “I want to invite the general public out tomorrow, it is going to be a fantastic event so see you up at the Sir Vivian Richards cricket stadium [Saturday],” he said.

The concert starts at 4:30 pm but gates will open at 4 pm.



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