Millions in cocaine intercepted, suspect charged

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Deon Perkins is the man who was caught on Wednesday with $11.8 million worth in a cocaine bust, he is expected to go before a magistrate today. The operation in which he was arrested was the subject of OBSERVER media’s exclusive front-page story yesterday. The exposé reported that the bust terrified some residents because lawmen who made the arrest, did so wearing masks.
Perkins is a 41-year-old resident of Union Road, Hatton. According to the arresting agency, the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP), he has since been charged with unlawful possession, intent to transfer, being concerned with the supply of 740.8 pounds of cocaine and drug trafficking. The latter offence carries a maximum sentence of life in prison, on conviction. At 3:10 pm, on January 3, ONDCP personnel intercepted Perkins when he approached the traffic light at the junction of Old Parham Road and Sir George Walter Highway.
He was driving a black Noah van, and in it he had nine bags containing a total of 286 bricks of cocaine. The officers, who were dressed in dark clothing, covering every inch of their bodies, were also wearing Balaclava masks (ski masks), and this caused the expression of public concern yesterday.
Residents who contacted OBSERVER media on Wednesday were questioning whether it was a legitimate law enforcement operation or criminals impersonating them, particularly since there were several recent robberies involving criminals dressed in coveralls similar to those used by police and camouflage clothing used by members of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force.
In recent years, OBSERVER media has reported on at least two cases involving Perkins who was accused of possession of cocaine in one instance and cannabis in another.

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