Miller Opposes Proposed Location Of Stands On Jennings Field As Project Forges Ahead

The structure being built on the Jennings field is said to be too close to the boundary. (Photo by Johnny JnoBaptiste)
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By Neto Baptiste

A decision by St Mary’s North MP, Molwyn Joseph, to move forward with the construction of a stand on the Jennings playing field — despite pushback from sections of the community who utilise the facility — is not sitting well with President of the Jennings Cricket Club, Glen Miller.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Miller made it clear that he has no issues with the concept, but objects to its location. He suggested that the stand, which will house bathroom facilities and is being placed on the western end of the field, is dangerously close to the boundary line and could potentially block an active waterway.

“Whether you’re doing it for football or you’re doing it for cricket, you would not hinder anyone from using the field because sometimes, over at Jennings, you have the female cricket, you have the hardball cricket, you have Jennings United and you have Grenades and you still have the female football team. So, I was just saying that over there [western end] is the best place to erect what you’re doing, but Mr Joseph didn’t think he needed to consult the people who operate in the park, and that is my argument. I am not against any project,” he said. 

Construction of the stand, which is said to be the first in a series of buildings earmarked for the facility, started some weeks ago despite what Miller said were numerous meetings with the MP.

“I met with him before the project and I met with him during the project and even before a hole was dug. Mr Joseph was adamant that he doesn’t think he needs to consult anybody in the community, and that’s wrong. I have a problem with that and many others do [too], but many are not as vocal as me. Once you’re from [Jennings] then you know there is not the best place,” he said.

Miller sought to dispel reports that his pushback is motivated by personal and or political biases.

“For many years we [didn’t] have anything [at] Jennings and now we are getting something, then how can I be against it? I think I would be crazy. I see some people on Facebook saying some things like Miller is trying to stop progress in Jennings where the whole community raised me. No, not at all; I am just saying to the people and to Mr Joseph — because he said he was going to build something else — but I pray to God that Mr. Joseph comes and let us do some consultation that we don’t have an uproar like this one,” he said.

Several sporting bodies utilise the Jennings playing field on a yearly basis to include football and cricket while it is also utilised by the Jennings Primary School for various activities.

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