Michael warns residents against threat poses by mosquitoes

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Even as several Caribbean countries grapple with chikunguna the Chief Public Health Inspector says no cases have been diagnosed in Antigua & Barbuda so far.

Lionel Michael however warns residents not to be complacent since aedes egypti mosquito which carries the disease is already in the country.

That mosquito also spreads dengue fever.

“So I want you to destroy it, destroy their breeding places which is around homes and in clean water. That is the mosquito with the black and white stripes about its body,” he said.

Michael was speaking ahead of tomorrow’s World Health Day which focuses on vector borne diseases and has the slogan “Small bite, big threat”.

Rodents which spread leptospirosis are also on the Public Health Department’s radar with Michael saying the control programme has intensified over the last five years.

He reminded residents that they too have a major role to play in keeping down the country’s rat population.