Michael to step away from drag racing’s top role

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By Neto Baptiste

Current head of the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association (ABDA), Yousef Michael, said he will not seek re-election when the body hosts its electoral congress in December.

Michael, who was elected in 2017 after acting in the position for almost a year, said his decision is based on his inability to dedicate the time needed to manage the affairs of the body.

“We all grow older, we get bigger, we have things to do, have more responsibilities and I like it. Drag racing is — I am not going to say my life — because in the last interview I said that on Sundays I love to go boating and other stuff … and as I told everyone the other day when we had the meeting, being the president is not an easy task. It comes was a lot of dedication and work at the same time so it’s not like a cup of tea you just go and make,” he said.

According Michael, the body has opened early registration to give members an opportunity to bring their status into good standing ahead of the December vote.

A local businessman, Michael highlighted his drive and passion for safety on the track as one highlight of his tenure as president.

“Nobody, sometimes, wants to follow rules and regulations. They want to go fast but they don’t worry about safety but safety is my number one key as being the captain of the ship and we have prevailed in that kind of way. We have had one or two incidents but everybody walked away scratch free because of safety, putting the proper preparation in place like a proper seatbelt, roll-cage, helmet, suits,” he said.

A date for the AGM is yet to be announced but Michael said members have until December 1st to bring their status into good standing.

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