Michael: Presidency Hopeful Needs To ‘Just Relax’

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By Neto Baptiste

Sitting president of the Antigua and Barbuda Drag Racing Association (ABDRA), Yousef Michael, struggled with his reply to questions as to whether or not he would endorse Lisa Abraham in her bid to become the body’s new president when they host electoral congress early next year.

Michael, who said he would not seek re-election during the annual general meeting slated for January 7th, did not reply yes or no to the question, but quickly added that Abraham must be more willing to compromise with others in an effort to grow the sport.

“I would not say I would not endorse her, so let’s get it straight. But as I said, certain [behaviour] with the people [who use the track] she needs to just relax. Everybody have their ways in life; people say sometimes that I am too soft, but it is not about being soft, it is about principle and listening to people.

“At the end of the day, as I told you, she has good organisational skills, she knows about the drag racing, she knows certain things, so give her credit. I am not going to throw her under the bus,” he said. 

Michael has led the body since 2016 when he replaced Abraham after she resigned owing to personal reasons. The local businessman said his decision to step away from the leadership position is not an indication that he will no longer play a role within the organisation.

“I am not giving up on drag racing, so let’s get it straight; you have to put priority first. I’ve been in there for quite a while, and being the president, everyone keeps talking about delegating but I have a great team because it is not about Yousef alone, or the vice president, it is about a team. Sometimes you put things in place but as the president, it takes a lot still and at the same time I have priorities, I have Joe Mikes so I have my life still. At the same time, you have to sit back and give other people a chance,” he said.

The drag racing boss reiterated that only registered members will be allowed to participate in the AGM.

“Only members, only registered members are allowed to come and vote. The last time we spoke, I did have a cut-off time but we opened it until the 31st of December because you have to give the secretary enough time to create the list to do this and to do different things,” Michael said. 

The AGM is slated for the Sir Vivian Richards Cricket Ground and will start at 7:30 p.m.

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