Miami: Dramatic moment Good Samaritan pulls a driver from a burning truck ‘as 20 people stood around filming on their cell phones’

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(Daily Mail) – This is the dramatic moment a Good Samaritan pulled a driver from a burning truck while 20 people are said to have stood around filming on their phones.

Jim Angulo was heading to work on the I-95 in Miami at around 2pm on Wednesday when he saw the flaming vehicle.

‘I looked to the left, and I looked to the right, and I saw 20 people with their cellphones not doing nothing, and I said, “It’s on me.”‘ Angulo told WSVN. ‘He was like, “I can’t, I can’t. It’s too hot, It’s too hot. I can’t get out. I can’t get out.”‘

Angulo and another man bravely went towards the fire and hauled the man out of the truck’s window.

The unidentified motorist was rushed to hospital, while another victim recieved treatment from paramedics at the scene.

‘His leg was all burned.’ Angulo told WSVN. ‘His hands were all burned. You can tell it was blisters. He was burnt up pretty good.’

But he denied he was hero, saying: ‘If I were in that same situation, I hope someone would do the same thing for me. It’s that simple.’

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