Met office warns: Stay away from the water

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Fishermen seeking to venture out to sea to work and beachgoers looking to have a good time on the waters will have to abandon such plans, at least for the remainder of the week.
Forecasters attached to the Antigua & Barbuda Meteorological Office issued a stern warning yesterday, urging residents to stay out of the water because high winds and rough seas are expected throughout the week.
Acting Climatologist Orvin Paige explained the atmospheric conditions will make it very difficult and uncomfortable for small craft operators and sea bathers.
The weather expert stressed, “Stern warnings are in place for small craft operators and sea bathers, in fact it is advisable for persons to avoid the beach, particularly on the northern and eastern sides of the island where these wind-driven waves are coming in from the north-eastern section of the Atlantic Ocean.”
He said a “tightening pressure gradient” is responsible for the windy conditions which residents in the aforementioned areas have been experiencing.
“The winds [were] forecasted for [yesterday] and [last night] at the order of 10-13 feet and will not fall below 10 feet through to Saturday. Between now and Saturday we are looking at seas at the order of 10 plus feet,” he said.
According to Paige, the windy conditions have been developing for some time.
“For the rest of the week, even through Saturday, we are going to be seeing windy conditions in the order of sustained winds 25 knots and gusting higher, as high as 32 knots over open waters,” he said.
Due to this forecast, the Montserrat Ferry was forced to cancel its trip on Tuesday and it is anticipated that more trips will be cancelled this week.
The Barbuda Express has so far cancelled trips between Antigua and Barbuda from Tuesday to today.

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