Merchant dared to sue over fraud claims

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Officials associated with the news agency that carried the news that’s being labelled as false, are daring Maurice Merchant to sue the station as it stands by the report.
On Tuesday night, after the news started making the rounds on social media regarding scholarship funds along with allegations of fraud, Merchant, who heads the scholarship programme, threatened legal action and alleged that he already has a matter against the station.
OBSERVER media did not find any corroborating information at the court regarding an ongoing legal matter and sources associated with the entity are daring the government official to take action.
While, the owner of radio station, Caudley George spoke on record saying he is unaware of any ongoing lawsuit by Merchant.
“The allegation by Maurice Merchant that Crusader Radio has outstanding legal action … I find that very difficult to believe. And furthermore, to my knowledge we have no record of any outstanding matter relating to any libel action against Crusader Radio from Maurice Merchant,” George said.
Apart from his press statement issued Tuesday night, Merchant said he has no further comment and that the matter is in the hands of his lawyer who will be taking action.

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