Men said to be connected to Ras Freeman charged for over $30K of cannabis

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By Latrishka Thomas

Four men are facing two drug related charges after they were found 18.51 pounds of cannabis at a home in Liberta.

Three of them — Uroy Joseph, Zamir O’Garro, and Micha O’Garro — said that they work for the Ras Freeman Foundation, which has a cannabis licence, but took the drug home to finish cleaning it before the curfew struck.

But the youngest, 18-year-old Delon Edwards was reportedly just at the house at the time they were caught.

Police went to the Liberta home on October 7, conducted a search on the property and found the drugs worth $37,000.

The four men were subsequently arrested and charged for cultivating the controlled drug and being concerned with its supply.

The quartet appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday and tried to explain that they merely took the drugs to the home to avoid breaking the curfew.

They begged to be placed on bail for the indictable offence. The prosecution objected to two of the men being released because their records show that they have the propensity to commit the same crime.

The magistrate considered the matter and all of the circumstances and granted bail to all four men in the sum of $40,000 with a cash component of $2,500.

They also have to report to the nearest police station, provide two sureties and surrender their travel documents.

They are expected to return to the same court on February 14, 2022 for their committal hearing.

At that time, the magistrate will declare if there is sufficient evidence to send the matter to the higher court

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