Meet Jaycees Queen Show Crown Contender – Miss Saint Kitts and Nevis – Nekirah Nicholls

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Nekirah Nicholls made her earthly debut appearance on April 19th, 1995. Raised primarily in the close- knit neighborhood of New Road, she has emerged as a self-proclaimed minimalist who voluntarily prefers living simply and finding beauty and joy in less.

Nekirah holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and a Master of Science degree in Financial Risk Management, both from Baruch College in New York. It is against this backdrop that she has developed an unwavering advocacy for the implementation of financial literacy courses in high schools.

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Nekirah is an avid dancer and choreographer, who honed her skills at the Children’s Dance Theatre, the CFBC Dance Ensemble and the Creative Sole Dance Company. Dance provides her with an avenue to creatively tell her life stories through artistic expression.

In an effort to constantly practice gratitude, Nekirah maneuvers through life, grounded by the line “gratitude is a must,” from reggae artist, Koffee’s well- known melodious tune, “Toast.”

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