Meet Jaycees Queen Show Crown Contender Miss Montserrat – Nia St. Claire

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Ambitious, creative, outgoing and athletic are only a few words to describe 19-year-old Nia St. Claire, the
proud representative of the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean: Montserrat.

Growing up she dreamt of pursuing a career in Education, however as she matured and continued to
interact with children and young adults, she realised her true passion. In her role as a peer counsellor
whilst attending the Montserrat Secondary School, her aspiration of becoming a Child Psychologist was

Peer counselling piqued her interest in learning patterns, behavioral development and
environmental factors that affect children from infancy through their adolescence. Nia regards herself as
a very helpful individual and this career path will allow her to continue nurturing this trait which she prides
herself on.

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As a Personal Assistant at the Look Out Primary School, she revels in her job as she gets to be surrounded
by the bright young minds of Montserrat. With a drive for continuous self-development, Nia recently
completed an online course in Introduction to Early Childhood with the UWI Open Campus Dominica.

During her spare time, Nia enjoys sewing, singing karaoke with her sister, and playing sports. Her love for
sports allows her to be involved in positive competition while building teamwork skills. Nia is a proud
member of Montserrat’s Toastmasters Club, where she can showcase and enhance her public speaking

She further fulfils her love for helping others as an active volunteer at the Montserrat Red Cross.
She believes that her greatest reward for helping others is laughter or a smile.

Nia believes that it is important to use her platform as Miss Montserrat 2021 to effect positive change.
Utilising social media, she tirelessly champions the destigmatizing of anxiety disorder within the
community, this she considers important to support and empower those affected. She knows that
awareness and education are integral to advocating for mental health issues.

Always engrained in her spirit, her thoughts, and her actions, is the Bible verse “I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me”

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