Medical student turns himself in for hit-and- run

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The 24-year-old driver who admitted he fled the scene of a near-fatal hit-and-run is likely to be charged with leaving the scene of a traffic collision, failing to report a traffic accident within 24 hours and careless or dangerous driving.
The Canadian resident, who is a medical student here, turned himself in to police on Monday where he was questioned and released.
Yesterday, police said that the investigation is still active and charges will likely to be brought against the  Ontario resident by Thursday. 
Garvin Crump, of Upper Gambles, was found unconscious on the side of the road in Coolidge by the police at around 4 a.m. on Sunday.
Wilscia Crump, who has been married to the injured man for less than a year, told OBSERVER media that when the police found her husband on the side of the road, they used his cellphone to contact her.
She reported seeing blood coming from her husband’s ear, mouth and nose.
Her husband had fluid in his lungs and suffered bruises, a fractured neck and broken legs.
OBSERVER media was told today that Crump, who was moved from the Intensive Care Unit to the male surgical ward on Tuesday, is responsive, sitting up and moving around.
However, doctors have indicated that his injuries could take weeks to heal and additional surgeries may be required.

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