Medical Council Contradicts Itself in Jose Humpreys Saga

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It has been 10 days since The Daily OBSERVER published the contents of a May 2nd 2019 letter written to Dr. Jose Humphreys by the Medical Council of Antigua and Barbuda, explaining why it had removed him from the register of medical practitioners licensed to practice in Antigua and Barbuda, and ordering him to immediately cease from all practice of medicine.

Since then, sources associated with Dr. Humphreys have provided us with documents that dispute, if not outright refute, much of what the Medical Council has put forward in its letter.

One of these is that the medical school in Guyana from which Dr. Humphreys obtained his first medical degree, American International School of Medicine (AISM), was not registered with the National Accreditation Council of that country until June 19th 2018 – or a full seven years after Dr. Humphrey’s graduated.

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