Media strategist rebutts union boss over cellphones

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Media Strategist Nerissa Golden is not buying into the blanket statement that many workers spend more time on their cellphones and social media than on their duties.

Golden is instead advising business owners to examine whether employees’ use of Facebook, Skype and cellphones on the job is beneficial.

“Certainly being able to connect with a potential client, using Whatsapp or Skype or things like – it’s something free – and so then becomes a benefit to the company that one of your employees can use their phone to communicate freely.

“I think it’s actually more important to understand how it’s being used and then for the company to see is there really a benefit or not,” the strategist argues, while adding that once there’s understanding within a given organization of whether the phones are a benefit or not, then a system governing usage should be established and policed.

On Sunday, veteran Trade Unionist Wigley George expressed concern about the use of cellphones on the job. He said that it reduces productivity.

He recounted also that a worker, whom the Antigua Trades and Labour Union was representing, had been fired after flouting his company’s rules on cellphone use.

Golden says employees should be penalized if their productivity suffers because they are on the phone and social media discussing other than the company’s work.

“It does take some discipline. I’m not always great at it, but definitely to be more productive, I can’t be always on e-mail, always on social media. I actually have to turn those things off.” she concludes.

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