Mechanic injured in freak accident

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The family of an elderly mechanic, who was injured in a freak accident yesterday, are thankful that Paget Robinson was immediately assisted when a bus he was working on crushed his chest and face.
Nurse Kathy-Anne Robinson said her father was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, bleeding from his ear, nose and mouth, but he was in a stable condition.
“He is in pain, he can’t remember most of what happened but he is in the hospital and we are just waiting for him to get some other tests,” the nurse said.
The mechanic by trade for over 40 years was said to be working under a “Nissan or Toyota 14 seater,” when the vehicle shifted and crashed “from several inches above him and landed on his chest”.
Relatives say the mechanic of Matthew’s Road was pinned under the vehicle before he was rescued by the Emergency Medical Services and was rushed to hospital by ambulance. His wife and their daughter were at his side when OBSERVER media spoke to them.
One man who was on the scene when OBSERVER media was making inquiries said people who were close by rushed to the mechanic’s aid.
“He was moaning like he was in a lot of pain. There was blood covering his face. It looks like he had a gash on his neck and he was rolling around in pain. I honestly though it was worse when I saw his face but God is a good man … the whole weight of the bus came down on his chest because no wheels was on the bus,” said a man, who was going to a stand-pipe in a neighbouring village when he witnessed the accident.

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