McCoy hails Braves’ triumph, looks towards playoffs

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Lennox McCoy, former national player and leader of new Division 1 basketball champions HUF Baldwin Braves, has predicted that his team will continue to dominate the rest of the national competition and add the coveted Playoff title to its trophy case this year.
Braves were one win from clinching the league title before Tuesday night’s game against Harold Lovell Rockersville at the JSC basketball complex.
Admitting that winning the playoffs will not come easy, McCoy said his players are motivated by the fact they are not close to being crowd favourites whenever they play in the competition.
“This is going to be one of the hardest championships we’re going to ever try to capture and this is because of the fact that we feel like everybody is against us. And you can tell that everybody wants us to lose, but I think we are bracing it and using it as a motivation but when it comes to Braves a lot of people don’t like Braves up there [JSC],” he said.
“We will use it as a challenge for us and when we are playing in the games we are not going to worry about the referees no more; we are just going to play,” he added.
Touted the most talented team in the league, Braves has been defeated only once so far this year.
The team, McCoy said, has lived up to its potential to date.
“When we first put this team together, the first thing people were saying is that it’s only one basketball and how you going to have Termite [Lennox McCoy], Xavier Meade [X], and Boast [Vivian Destin]. Then you had another coach saying he doesn’t remember seeing any big three, and how it is a big one he sees and that is Termite, and Termite is old.
“We had to deal with all that throughout the course of the season,” the player said.
The top eight teams will go into the association’s playoff.
Braves currently lead the standings followed by F&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays, Flyers, LJ Northside Stingerz, Yorks Crushers Freetown Travellers, Ottos Full Throttle, Hometech Systems Outlaws and Harold Lovell Rockersville.

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