Massiah’s expulsion will have no serious impact on the UPP, chairman says

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The Chairman of the opposition United Progressive Party, D Gisele Isaac said the expulsion of MP Joanne Massiah will not affect the party’s base and chances at the polls.

She said this is because the electorate “is smart enough to know where their vote counts and where it will not count”.

“We have a core solid base who have been very vocal on this matter and I don’t see us losing support from our base. I think there were many other persons out there who were waiting to see what the party was doing decisively and I think they are satisfied now that one way or another a decision has been made,” she said.

Isaac also said that contrary to Massiah’s allegations of unfair treatment and not being given an audience, the party has “done all it could”.

She added that the party was lenient, but in the end, it had to make a decision.

“There was due process and it was a constitutional process which was followed to the letter and beyond the letter, to the spirit even superseded the letter. The constitution which MP Massiah knows very well, having been a member for so long, was followed to the T,” she stressed.

More in today’s Daily Observer.

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