Massiah says DNA will be ready for elections

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The leader of the National Democratic Alliance said her full slate of candidates will be unveiled in time when the prime minister announces the date for the general elections. Speaking on OBSERVER AM yesterday, Joanne Massiah said that while the public may be growing impatient as the party strategically announces its final six candidates, she is adamant that the aspiring politicians will be prepared for the task ahead.
“I appreciate the concerns which some people expressed, but we are a party with a different approach to politics, and what I can say is that the persons yet to be unveiled are no strangers to their communities. They are interacting with persons on a daily basis, but the thing is that the people don’t know that they are going to be the candidate,” Massiah said yesterday.
As she asked for continued patience from the electorate in the respective constituencies, the DNA leader posited that voters will not be disappointed when the candidates are named. Massiah is confident that her party will be elected to run the government when the results of the general elections are announced.
(More in today’s Daily Oberver)

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