Massiah hints there will be a new political party

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Suspended opposition Member of Parliament (MP) Joanne Massiah has announced that a “new fresh and dynamic” political organisation, yet to be named, will field a full slate of candidates in the country’s next general elections.
“In the next general elections there will be a party that will be contesting all 17 seats,” she said. “My colleagues and I, we are serious minded people … something new, fresh and dynamic is on the horizon and sooner rather than later the people of this country will welcome [it].
“Joanne Massiah will be on the ballot,” she added.
The All Saints East & St Luke MP stated that there is no chance of reconciliation between her and the United Progressive Party (UPP), which has taken disciplinary measures against her for allegedly acting against its interests.
According to her, the UPP “has gone so far … as to name a candidate for the United Progressive Party in my constituency” despite the fact that she is the sitting MP elected under the UPP ticket.
“Do you want a clearer signal that the UPP has parted ways with me?” she queried.
She reported that the disciplinary procedure against her has reached the point of a hearing and that some time last year, she received a letter from the committee’s secretary, George Wehner, advising of a date to appear before the Disciplinary Committee early in December 2016.
“Unfortunately, by the time I got that letter, I had travel plans that had already been firmed up, so I wrote to the General Secretary of the UPP, Shawn Nicholas. Maybe, no more than a week and a-half ago, I received another correspondence from George Wehner saying that I had one last opportunity to appear…
“Based on the tone and tenor of the letter, I came to the conclusion that he was not aware that I had written to the general secretary of the party. They have given me another date.”
However, Massiah said that she could not recall what new date had been set.

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