Massiah confident in DNA despite low support in polls

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Leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Joanne Massiah is maintaining confidence in her party despite the low support indicated by recent polls.
In February, both the ‘Free and Fair Mock Elections’ and Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) showed a low support in numbers for the newly established party.
Only 53 persons or 6 percent of the 797 participants in the mock elections threw their support behind DNA while just 5 percent of the respondents stood behind DNA in the CADRES poll that was held, covering Antigua’s 16 constituencies Massiah who spoke with OBSERVER media yesterday dismissed these figures stating that the only poll which matters is the election day poll.
“If the polls had come back to us and showed that Gaston Browne’s administration had a whopping 70 percent then we would have paused……the only poll that truly matters is the election day poll.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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