Martin takes bodybuilding judges to task

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One former national champion and competitor at last Saturday’s National Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Competition, Orson Martin, has questioned the judges’ decision which placed heavyweight winner, Kenny Jacobs, ahead of him for the overall title.
Martin had taken the middleweight category to battle for the overall title against Jacobs and lightweight winner Elvis Bailey at the Multipurpose Cultural Center but was edged out by the defending champion.
“The truth is it’s a bodybuilding show and not a fashion show, and if you have a bodybuilder with the better legs and the better arms then how can someone become Mr. Antigua without good arms and good legs? I really don’t understand that at all. A most muscular shot doesn’t show your triceps and your back so how do you decide that this man [Kenny Jacobs] has more muscles just from a front shot?” he said.
Martin, who will more than likely be a part of the country’s team to the Central American & Caribbean (CAC) Championships in Mexico, made it clear that his beef is not with the winner of the competition.
“The thing is, I am not upset with Kenny because Kenny does not judge himself, and like the last time when I spoke about forgetting, forgiving and moving forward, it’s the same way I feel today. I use the serenity prayer on the whole situation,” he said.
“I know that humility is a part of life and you need to experience it sometimes just to grow, and it’s a humbling experience for me to go through this because I know the truth. I know you have better legs and better arms and still not named Mr. Antigua and you have good back, good chest and no legs, basically, and you’re Mr. Antigua,” the athlete added. 
One executive member and Fitness champion, Kimberly Ephraim, however, sought to clear the air on the awarding of the best leg and best arms prizes, stating it was the brainchild of a corporate citizen.
“That was actually brought about by Mr. Wesley Barrow. He just really wanted to make a monetary contribution to the bodybuilders and he came up with the initiative of him choosing the best whatever and awarding the person who receives a prize, but it actually
did not factor into the nationals judges panel who was there,” the PRO
Jacobs, in an earlier interview, said he was in a better overall shape than his competitors, which may have given him the edge.

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