Marsh believes the future of cycling is in good hands

Former national cyclist and veteran, Robert Marsh
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By Neto Baptiste

Former national cyclist and veteran Robert Marsh believes the future of the sport is in good hands as a number of young riders have been performing well on the local circuit.

His comments come on the heels of the National Championships put on by the Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Federation (ABCF) last weekend.

“If you look at the time Tahje Browne did in the time trial [39:05.00 seconds], that is big man time and he is only 15. So, he is a much better cyclist at 15 than a lot of people, but a lot of people [are] not improving but, at least, he is one person that I can tell you has improved,” he said. 

Marsh, who won Saturday’s Individual Time Trial, said the time is rife for a new crop of riders with the more experienced lot looking to exit the scene.

“There are a couple of young guys who have just started riding, so I have to say it’s on the rise and for some of them it [national championships] was maybe their second race. We hardly have any elite cyclists — there is Jyme Bridges [and] Emmanuel Gayral. I ride the elite, but if you look at the age category then I am a master class. A lot of the other people like Jeffery Kelsick, Sean Weatherhead, we’re all people who are over the hill and as for people who are in their 20s we don’t have a lot, so there is a big gap.

“I have to say there is a big improvement because we have young people coming in now. I don’t know how long they are going to last but this year, we’ve had new membership for a lot of young guys,” the cyclist said.

Representing East Side Raiders, Marsh registered a time of 38 minutes and 32.16 seconds to win the Elite Division of the Inet sponsored Individual Time Trial on Saturday.

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