Marks of a depraved society

When a privileged society abandons God, three things emerge, all of which are very evident today.

1 Rampant sexual perversion. Let me say from the onset that there is nothing wrong with human sexuality. Sexuality is a God-given reality since He made men and women sexual beings. Sexuality is one of those strongest forces within a normal being. It is necessary for the continuance of the human race according to God’s purpose. The first command in the Bible is “To be fruitful and multiply” (Gen 1:28). You cannot do that without sex. This was God’s intent for instituting marriage in order to promote sexual faithfulness between a man and a woman, by establishing a legally binding commitment for parents to care for their children, by establishing a legally binding commitment for spouses to be financially responsible for and to care for one another.

It is important to note that the establishment of marriage in Genesis 1 & 2 comes before the establishment of any other institution in human history. Liberation and promotion of sexual behaviour outside of God’s plan will have grave consequences on any society.

Today, what we find is an avalanche of promiscuity. We call our country a Christian nation, yet over 60 per cent of our children are born out of wedlock and seemingly, it is accepted by most and deemed to be normal. It is indeed frightening to see the amount of teenagers becoming mothers when they themselves need to be mothered. We need to be promoting “saved sex” instead of safe sex. Abstinence must me promoted in the home, the Church, the schools and community at large.

2 A related mark of an abandoned society is homosexuality and lesbianism. Whilst these are accepted by some persons as alternate lifestyle, God calls this behaviour an abomination (detestable, causing moral revulsion, disgust or hatred). Nevertheless, groups within our present day society are putting forth intense efforts to change social attitudes toward homosexuality. The lobby is well organised and powerful enough to succeed in its appeal for tolerance, all the while showing intolerance of those who believe as a matter of principle that homosexuality is wrong. Christians should make their convictions known with clarity, kindness and conviction.

Homosexuality is clearly condemned in Scriptures (refer: Lev 18:23; 20:13; Rom 1:26-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-11; 1 Tim 1:9-10). We should also remember that God expressed His displeasure with this type of behaviour when He rained fire and brimstone on Sodom (Gen 18,19). Irrespective of man’s thinking, God is still a holy God and He will not compromise His standards for any of us.

It was not long ago that a noted professor at UWI, Jamaica, lost his job because of his stand on homosexuality. That situation fuelled and motivated the Christians in that country to protest and march against such detestable behaviour. What will the Christians and the church in Antigua do when we will be forced to accept and legalise same sex marriage and remove anti-buggery laws from our statues? Will we have the testicular fortitude to withstand the pressures of those First World countries and say the Bible condemns such behaviour and we will obey God rather than man, or we will succumb to their might? Not too long from now, we will have to make that choice.

3 A third mark of an abandoned society is social breakdown. As we view our fair country with the words inscribed in our National Anthem “each endeavouring, all achieving”, one must ask the question, how relevant is this today?” The writer must be turning in his grave at the appalling situation which exists today. The breakdown of values and morality is seen in our homes, schools, and just about every facet of our community. Everything appears to be relative and those who dare to be different are scoffed at. Respect has been thrown out of the window. When I was growing up, it took a village to rear a child and children could not pass an adult without saying “good morning or good afternoon.” The parish priest, the teacher and the police as well as seniors were held in esteem. Those days were referred to the good old days. If you speak to such, you are termed to be old fashioned. Some would say these are modern days, whilst others would say modern hell.

Murders are committed in broad daylight. Gun holds and brazen criminal activities remind us of the wild, wild, west. The perception of prosperity has led us down a slippery slope and we are reaping what we have sown. Many lament the increase of crime, the decline of law and order, and the break-up of the family without recognising that these painful realities result directly from our society’s rejection of Biblical morality found in the Bible and moreso in the Ten Commandments.

The laws of most Western civilisations have arisen out of the teachings of the Bible and any deviation from these laws will result in anarchy and mayhem. The Bible has much to say on both divine justice and human justice. The great civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr, in one his speeches, alluded to the fact “that when a black man or a poor man steals, he is called a thief, but when those in upper echelons of society steals, they call it embezzlement. “

Nancy Lockhart, legal analyst and CEO of Operations Innocence, USA, states,” our justice system is failing day by day, minute by minute … adequate legal representation is available to those who are able to pay; those who cannot, however, suffer. Consequently, inadequate legal representation mostly leads to an inevitable unjust verdict. As the poor suffer, prosecutors and law enforcement officers are becoming even more corrupt in their policies. Wrongful convictions are on the rise and corruption is escalating.”

When a nation turns its back on the Word of God, it becomes depraved. However, there is hope. That hope is found in the Holy Scriptures. Ninevah was warned of God through the prophet Jonah to repent and turn to the God of heavens because their sins had reached to His nostrils. The king ordered all to put on sack clothes and ashes, pray and fast and turn from their wickedness. Because of true repentance, they were spared of God’s wrath.

I call upon all as nation, not only to embark on political and economic rebuilding, but moreso, spiritual rebuilding. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.

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