Mandatory vaccination policy takes effect today

An elderly man holds up a placard expressing his feelings about mandatory Covid-19 vaccination. (photo by Johnny Jnobaptiste
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Residents showed up in their numbers yesterday with picket signs, refusing the government’s mandatory vaccination policy for its employees.

Dozens of residents showed up to participate in the non-cooperation protest outside the Government House on Thursday.

Some called for the resignation of Prime Minister Gaston Browne while others chanted that the “people have the power” and that they would not be forced to take Covid-19 vaccines.

The government is withholding salaries and wages from its employees who choose not to become vaccinated.

Beginning today, October 1, 2021, no unvaccinated employee will be allowed to enter their work places. They will not be paid as long as they remain home and off the job.

This does not include exempt groups like nurses and persons with medical conditions that prevent them from becoming vaccinated.

Yesterday, the Cabinet announced that it was already training temporary teachers to fill in the gap, if those on staff continue to refuse to become vaccinated.

Meanwhile, all primary schools have been ordered closed for face-to-face learning while permission has been given to secondary schools to reopen beginning Monday.

The Cabinet has also authorised a “reporting mechanism” that will allow Directors and Permanent Secretaries in the various ministries to identify public servants who remain at home after September, 30, 2021.

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