Man who stabbed Deputy Commissioner of Police jailed

Austin Isaac of Armstrong Road
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By Latrishka Thomas

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A Gray’s Farm man who stabbed a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) will be spending Christmas behind bars.

Austin Isaac of Armstrong Road admitted to battering and assaulting a woman, carrying an offensive weapon, battering DCP Albert Wade and causing him grievous bodily harm.

He was slapped with an eight-month prison sentence for the latter.

On the night of December 2, the defendant went loitering in Crepe It Antigua on Church Street.

The first complainant, the owner of the restaurant, asked Isaac if he needed assistance and he responded “no, me jus’ a cool out”.

He was asked to leave and the defendant got up from his seat, began to shout, approached the complainant and grabbed her with both hands.

The complainant pushed the defendant out of her business place with the help of another patron.

DCP Wade saw the commotion and approached them and identified himself.

The defendant was acting in an aggressive manner and the police officer asked him to desist and he replied “officer ah me woman me come for” referring to the complainant.

The defendant advanced towards the Deputy Commissioner and, with a screwdriver which was concealed in his right hand, held the officer by the neck and stabbed him multiple times about his upper body.

Isaac escaped on foot and DCP Wade, a former prison boss, gave chase, caught up to him and grabbed him, but the defendant punched him in his face which caused him to release his grasp on the younger man.

The senior officer then realised he was bleeding “profusely” and he gave up on chasing the defendant, went back to his vehicle and drove to the hospital.

After hearing the facts in court yesterday, Isaac indicated that the facts were not totally accurate but said he did not wish to say anything further.

Being the only victim present in court, the Deputy Commissioner was called to the stand and answered a few questions posed by Magistrate Conliffe Clarke, to include if he did in fact identify himself.

Wade said that in addition to doing so orally, he turned on the revolving lights.

He also explained the manner in which he was stabbed in the back of his head, neck and shoulder.

At that point the defendant wanted to speak but he was stopped in his tracks by the magistrate who indicated that he had lost his chance to share his side of the story. He was, however, still able to utter a few words including, “I feel like I’m being taken advantage of.”

Isaac was then fined $500 for battering the woman but was reprimanded and discharged for assaulting her.

He was fined another $300 for being armed with an offensive weapon.

The defendant was then jailed for harming the officer but was reprimanded and discharged of the battery charge.

The magistrate told him that he should “consider yourself lucky because more serious charges could have been laid but [DCP] Wade decided that he did not wish to throw the book at you”.

He explained to the convict that the injuries he inflicted could have been more severe and a more serious charge could have been brought against him but the DCP asked for leniency.

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