Man who sent 11 vehicles up in flames facing charges

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By Latrishka Thomas

A man without a fire permit who is said to have been responsible for a rubbish blaze that spread to 11 derelict vehicles could be charged, says Fire Chief Elvis Weaver.

Weaver informed Observer that on Tuesday, St Johns Fire Station responded to a garbage heap fire in Jennings, and when they arrived, they met trash burning along with several vehicles.

“[We] were able to extinguish the fire, but the vehicles which are purported to be derelict, were all destroyed,” he said.

Weaver further explained that since the man responsible did not have a fire permit, “He was taken into custody and it is likely that charges will be brought against him.”

To that end, the Fire Chief reminded residents that “You will need a fire permit to be lighting fires,” or else you will be punished.

Just last month, upon informing Observer that All Saints Fire Station had responded to a whopping 53 bush fires and 12 garbage-related infernos this year so far, Weaver revealed that the authorities will be ramping up measures to deter residents from starting fires without a permit.

In fact, he stated that permits were only going to be issued to farmers who are “clearing their land and burning [bush and other unwanted growth]”.

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