Man who murdered wheelchair victim jailed for life — again

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A man who gunned down a wheelchair victim has been jailed for life for the second time in 17 months.
Travone Saltus was jailed on Monday by Supreme Court Puisne Judge Charles-Etta Simmons for the murder of Lorenzo Stovell. The judge told him he must serve at least 15 years before being eligible for parole.
Saltus was given an extra 10 years for the charge of using a firearm, to run consecutively with the murder sentence. He was convicted of the 2012 killing in May last year and sentenced to 25 years, but the case was later sent back to the Supreme Court by the Court of Appeal, which ruled Saltus did not receive a fair trial.
Stovell, who was confined to a wheelchair as a result of an earlier shooting, was killed just on September 23, 2012.
The court heard that Stovell was on a party bus with friends which stopped outside a bar in Sandys parish. The other passengers left the bus for the bar, but Stovell remained in the bus with the driver.
Stovell was shot at through the window of the bus and suffered a number of gunshot wounds. The bus driver sped away to try to get the wounded man treatment, but Stovell later died of his injuries.

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