Man who almost knocked out another’s front teeth sentenced

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By Latrishka Thomas

A Pares man who shifted the front teeth of a fellow villager with one blow about two years ago has been placed under a bond of $2,000 to “keep the peace” or face nine months in prison.

On the evening of August 30 2019, the complainant was at home playing dominoes in his yard when he noticed that the defendant, Glenmore Charles, was angry over having not been paid.

The complainant left his home to purchase food for his family and when he returned, the defendant requested some of the food.

The defendant declined saying that it was for his family, to which the complainant responded by calling him “bad-minded” along with other derogatory words.

The complainant then turned to another person socialising at his home and said, “you know this man call me bad-minded and the other day me buy he one Ribena and one seasoning fu put with he food and the Ribena fu sweeten up he mouth?”

The defendant then became outraged and struck the complainant in the mouth with his fist, while wearing a ring on one finger.

The complainant noticed that his mouth was bleeding and that two of his front teeth were loose.

He received hospital treatment for lacerations to his lips and two dislodged front incisors.

Yesterday, Charles told Justice Colin Williams he was guilty of causing grievous bodily harm.

Charles was fined $250 and placed on the bond.

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