Man who allegedly stabbed Deputy Commissioner of Police remanded

Austin Isaac of Gray’s Farm (Photo by Latrishka Thomas)
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

The 24-year-old man accused of attacking Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Albert Wade on Church Street last Thursday has been remanded to prison.

Austin Isaac, of Gray’s Farm, is charged with battery on police, being armed with an offensive weapon and inflicting grievous bodily harm in relation to Wade.

He is also said to have battered and assaulted a woman.

DCP Wade was reportedly stabbed multiple times while he was attempting to separate the defendant and a woman who were apparently involved in a squabble.

He is said to have been attacked by the accused who allegedly stabbed the senior police officer in the head and both arms.

He was treated at the hospital for the injuries, which were said to be non-life threatening, and was discharged. However, he was placed on sick leave while the wounds are monitored.

Isaac appeared before Magistrate Conliffe Clarke in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday without an attorney.

The prosecution objected to bail on a number of grounds, including that the injuries sustained by Wade could prove to be serious and may consequently result in the charges being elevated to indictable offences.

The magistrate obliged the prosecution’s request and bail was denied.

However, he indicated to Isaac that if he retains an attorney and wishes to make a bail application before his next hearing, he will be allowed to do so.

Otherwise, the defendant will be on remand until December 21 when DCP Wade’s sick leave is expected to end.

Isaac appeared eager to get the matter over with and opted to say a few words. He said that he felt like he was taken advantage of because “Wade did not come to me dressed as police” and he was “confused and didn’t know what to do”.

He admitted that he had a screwdriver on his person.

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