Man walks away with 1000K from Ducana eating competition

Winner of the ducana eating contest, Peetron Thomas, with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party candidate for St. Peter, Rawdon Turner. (Photo courtesy Stallone Gardner)
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

One man is now $1000 richer after he beat six other men in a ducana eating competition.

Peetron Thomas ate 5 of 8 large ducana in under 15 minutes.

The competition was organised and sponsored by Rawdon and Associates, and formed a part of the annual Easter classic held in Parham.

Stallone Gardner who helped to organise the contest and observed the entire showdown told Observer that all of the men took their time consuming the delicacy, but one surpassed the others.

“Everybody seemed calm, relaxed. Nobody was rushing, probably because of the size of the ducana. They were probably a little smaller than an oasis bottle [in size],” Gardner shared

Ducana is the main staple consumed every Easter by Antiguans. It consists of grated sweet potatoes, mixed together with coconut, sugar, spices and flour, folded in banana leaves, seaside grape leaves or foil, and boiled until firm.

Each year, it is the subject of many debates around this time with the public arguing as to whether it should contain raisins.

Residents even responded to a poll which shed some light on the public’s preference.

Out of 593 voters, 314 said they preferred the delicacy without raisins, while 172 said that they would consume it either way.

Only 107 persons indicated that they like the typically palm-sized treat with raisins.

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