Man to pay thousands to bar owner for chopping his hand

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By Latrishka Thomas


A man who almost chopped another man’s hand off has to pay $30,000 restitution to his victim for the severe injury.

Gareth King was sentenced to compensate the man he struck with a cutlass.

The incident occurred at a bar on October 27 last year.

The complainant, the owner of the bar where the incident occurred, had observed a confrontation between two women and a man earlier that evening. He escorted them off the property to deescalate the situation.

Sometime later, the defendant arrived asking for someone and the complainant spoke to him and tried to persuade him to leave with the two women with whom he was acquainted.

Other patrons started to gather near the defendant and the complainant tried to move them so King could get to his car.

That backfired when the defendant took a cutlass from his car and swung, striking the complainant on his right arm before going back to his vehicle.

The crowd became agitated and started shaking the car and shouting at King as he tried to leave.

It was shortly after that the bar owner noticed how badly he was cut as he could not raise his hand or feel some of his fingers.

He received a laceration to his right wrist with tendon damage along with damage to the bone which required two surgeries.

The victim to this day does not have full function of his wrist and had to close his business place due to the injury.

He is also said to have racked up medical expenses of over $60,000.

In April 2023, as the prosecution was about to call their last witness, the defendant decided to change his plea to guilty.

He was sentenced last Friday.

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